The singing bowl was discovered in Tibet, but one can get reach of this bowl in some parts of India, Nepal and also in Bhutan. It is a small, circular shape object which produces soft melodies or tomes when struck with a dedicated mallet of a wooden stick. The Tibetans kept the existence of this bowl as a secret as it is one of their sacred objects that is valued. The use of the singing bowl spread to other parts of the world after an invasion that was made by the Chinese and they discovered its existences in the early fifties. The primary purpose of the singing bowl is offer relaxation, used during meditation and for other healing purposes. Many cultures are embracing the use of singing bowl as it offers the best feeling after one uses it.  


Traditionally, the singing bowl at this link is made of seven metals, but you will find the new singing bowls composed of five metals but all the same they offer the same effect. When you want to connect with the inner self or during meditations, it is essential to use the singing bowls that produces smooth melodies that aids in muscle relaxation. The sound waves produced by the bowl offer some vibrations that spread all through your body massaging the cells which help in relaxing the body. The bowl is known to heal some damaged body tissues, and one can receive the relaxation needed within a short time after placing the singing bowl on top of the chest.


The singing bowl at can produce the sweet ringtones when it is struck using a mallet or when a person rubs the bowl with a wooden stick. The different melodies created by the singing bowl depends on how a person is striking or rubbing the bowl. The first step to perfect relaxation is to lay flat on your back, and after you are comfortable, you place the singing bowl on top of your chest and strike the bowl carefully near the rim to produce a perfect tone. Make sure that you have put a material under the bowl to prevent falling or sliding of the bowl during vibrations.



When the melodies start to play softly, your ears will trap the lower sounds, and you will receive the sound waves which spread throughout the body. Your chest serves the same purpose as the hollow space found on a guitar where the bowl tones resonate and spread fast to other parts of the body. You will slowly slip into a completely relaxed state as you listen to the audible sounds and feel the vibrations as they massage your cells.